We offer several training options for improving your game. Some of these training sessions are conducted in Fort Worth at the LBA Skill Development Lab located at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School, and some are offered in the Dallas area at the Highlands School in Irving, TX.  Check the training calendar or call for specific times and locations.

C2E Private/Small Group Training Sessions (Commit 2 Excel)

  • Private and small group sessions can cover anything from basic fundamentals for the player just starting out, all the way to advanced basketball concepts for the more experienced player looking to fine tune their game and get to the next level.
  • IMG_9344_9365691117_lrr_bungee_blow-by_setupThis is extensive and comprehensive training focusing on basic fundamental basketball skills and developing those skills towards more advanced and challenging progressions.
  • Training will be conducted in Fort Worth at St. Paul Lutheran Church: 1800 West Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76102
  • Limited Enrollment: Grades 6 and up
  • Current Training Rates:

    • Private: $45/hr
    • Partner: $40/hr/player
    • Small Group: $35/hr/player

C2E PureShooter Training (Commit 2 Excel)

  • This training session is focused just on shooting, and uses the Dr. Dish shooting machine to increase the volume of shots available.
  • Enrollment is limited to ensure quality instruction and corrective feedback.
  • Training Rate:
    • Private: $45/hr
    • Partner: $40/hr/player
    • Small Group: $35/hr/player


Check our Training Calendar to find the training session of interest, then contact us at (817) 846-7993 to schedule your session.

Updated Bungee Training Kit

Finally found a better solution for securing PVC bungee post into on-court volleyball post cavity. Previously wrapped with foam pad. Now use whittled down hard rubber pipe sleeves..perfect fit!



T NATION | Freakish Strength With Proper Core Training

Controlling Breathing

Breathing techniques can and should be coupled with bracing to allow for better performance. The bracing techniques discussed above won’t help you lift more weight if there’s no increase in intra-abdominal pressure.

Spinal stability is generated partly by diaphragm activation.When pressure is increased in the abdominal cavity, it helps support the spine and works against the compression forces of axial loading (the kind of loading in a squat or standing shoulder press).

Without intra-abdominal pressure created by breathing in air against a braced abdominal musculature and forcing the diaphragm down, true spinal stability can’t occur.

The classic breathing technique used is the Valsalva maneuver.

The idea behind this is to create intra-abdominal pressure, which is meant to lead to a greater production of force and stability.

Perform the Valsalva maneuver by breathing deep into the lungs (which are down near your abdomen, for those who still think making your chest and shoulders rise is taking a deep breath), then holding it and forcing the air against a closed glottis.

To learn how to breathe into the lungs and create that intra-abdominal pressure, you can practice something called crocodile breath.

Lie on your stomach with your face resting on the back of your hands. Now breathe deeply so that your low back rises instead of your shoulders and upper back. You want to feel your abdomen pushing against the floor and expanding out sideways. Practice a few times and you’ll get the idea.

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LOS ANGELES: NBC plans 360-view in ‘Sunday Night Football’ telecast – Football Wires –

NBC plans 360-view in ‘Sunday Night Football’ telecast




LOS ANGELES — NBC’s banking on TV viewers being ready for a little football as the NFL settles into its proper Sunday night slot Sept. 8 when the Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants. Fans might feel like they’re watching “The Matrix” when they see the new 360-degree view of any play, made possible by 24 cameras placed around each end zone in Cowboys Stadium.

This circling look at the game is limited and will only show in games played in Dallas. Because it takes a month to install all of the cameras, there isn’t time to move them to other arenas throughout the season. But there are two telecasts scheduled to originate from Dallas, including an Oct. 13 clash with the Washington Redskins.

The 360-view is the latest innovation. It joins the likes of slow-motion replays, cameras above the field and the yellow first down line. Fred Gaudelli, producer of “Sunday Night Football,” has a simple formula for which technology he adds to the broadcast.

“Does it make the game more enjoyable or does it make it more informative to watch? If it could fit either one of those criteria, or hopefully both of them, then I think it’s a good innovation,” Gaudelli says.

The 360-degree replay qualifies. Gaudelli is certain it will be popular because so many viewers play video games where they can change the angle of how a play is viewed.

NBC hasn’t announced which game it will broadcast on Dec. 29 and it could be the Dallas home game with Philadelphia, should the contest have playoff implications. Add in the Nov. 10 away game for the Cowboys at New Orleans, and Dallas could be on almost one-fourth of the NBC Sunday lineup.

“I think going all the way back to the 20 years I did Monday-and you look at the ratings-anytime the Cowboys were on, the ratings were proportionally higher. I don’t know what it is,” says Al Michaels, the announcer for “Sunday Night Football.” “The Cowboys are an iconic American figure. Everything just sings about Dallas, about Texas being big, about the fact that they have such a great history.

“When they’re bad, a lot of people love that they’re bad. When they’re good a lot of people love that they are good. I’ve never seen in all the years I’ve covered all of the sports, anything like this in terms of the love/hate relationship. It makes for great television.”

Every 2012 playoff team will make an appearance on “Sunday Night Football.”

But just because the teams made the playoffs doesn’t mean they will be good this year. Mark Lazarus, chairman of the NBC Sports Group, knows there could be games that look good now but by mid-season could be a dud.

“That’s the nature of live sports. But it sure looks good on paper. You got to play the games,” Lazarus says.

Color commentator Cris Collinsworth sees the no-huddle offense as the biggest challenge in coverage this season. No-huddle offenses allow little time between plays for instant replay or even analysis of a previous play.

“I thank goodness every day that I played in the no-huddle, and it was Sam Wyche in Cincinnati who’s really one of the innovators of the no-huddle,” Collinsworth says. “So we have some different concepts of how we’re going to try and get that one done.”

2013 Sunday nightschedule:

Sept. 8: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Sept. 15: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Sept. 22: Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers

Sept. 29: New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons

Oct. 6: Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers

Oct. 13: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

Oct. 20: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts

Oct. 27: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Nov. 3: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

Nov. 10: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints

Nov. 17: Green Bay Packers at New York Giants

Nov. 24: Denver Broncos at New England Patriots

Nov. 28: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

Dec. 1: New York Giants at Washington Redskins

Dec. 8: Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers

Dec. 15: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Dec. 22: New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens

Dec. 29: TBD

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