Fall Training Programs – 2013

During the fall we will have several training options for improving your game. All fall training programs will be conducted at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1800 West Freeway, Ft. Worth, TX 76102. The program details are listed below.

Private/Small Group Sessions

  • Private and small group sessions can cover anything from basic fundamentals for the player just starting out, all the way to advanced basketball concepts for the more experienced player looking to fine tune their game and get to the next level.
  • This will be an extensive and comprehensive training program focusing on basic fundamental basketball skills and developing those skills towards more advanced and challenging progressions.
  • This is perfect for players wanting to fine-tune their fundamentals and then push their limits and learn new techniques.
  • During the training session, players will get the opportunity to apply the skills developed to practical situations facilitating transfer to game incorporation.
  • Group training requires team work, motivation and a positive attitude. Players need to be coachable, ready to work hard and demonstrate good character through leadership, good sportsmanship and being a positive example for others.
  • This training will be offered Monday Tuesday, and Thursday  from 6:00 to 9:00 PM
  • Limited Enrollment: Grades 6 and up
  • Current Training Rates:

    • Private: $45/hr
    • Partner: $40/hr/player
    • Small Group: $35/hr/player


C2E Select Training (Commit 2 Excel)

  • This is a special training program for select advanced players committed to excelling in their summer training period.
  • This training will be offered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
  • Limited Enrollment: Qualified High School & College players by invitation only
  • $50 Per Session

Contact us at (817) 846-7993 to schedule your session